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米忠 Komechu Miso Brewery
since 1820

Komechu Miso Brewery (米忠味噌本店) is a miso brewery in Osaka. We are producing miso of special quality, observing traditional method of fermentation. Our products have been widely used in traditional restaurants and prestigious hotels in Kansai area and throughout Japan.

■ Miso

Miso paste (味噌) is Japanese traditional seasoning made from fermented soybeans and other ingredients mashed into a thick paste. It has long been the main resource of protein and amino acid for Japanese people. Scientific studies have documented its many health benefits, such as reducing cancer and resisting radiation influence.

■ Komechu's miso

Each region in Japan has its own type of miso. Komechu's miso belongs to komemiso, or miso made from rice malt and soybeans. We use more rice than other komemiso breweries, reflecting the history of Osaka - the city had Japan's central rice market in the Edo period (17th - 19th century). This makes our miso sweet and mild, well matched with delicate taste of Kansai restaurant dishes.

■ Our Products

Komechu's Specially Made Akamiso (特製赤味噌, red miso)
Fermented for as long as two to three years, the paste becomes brownish red and rich in various amino acids. Soup using our akamiso is a standard menu in most authentic restaurants in Osaka.

Komechu's Specially Made Shiromiso (特製白味噌,white miso)
Sweet taste and white color comes from shorter period of fermentation, around one month. Kansai people use shiromiso for zōni, a soup prepared in the New Year holidays.
Komechu's Instant Miso Soups
We offer freeze-dried instant miso soups with fresh flavors just like its original taste. Traditional miso soups are always available in a second for your busy morning.

Specially Made Akamiso Soup (特赤): Contains pumpkin, onion and okra
Tanjo Miso Soup (淡醸): Contains enokidake (mushroom) and wakame (seaweed)
Specially Made Shiromiso Soup (白みそ汁): Contains tōfu, daikon (radish), carrot, mitsuba (herb) and wheat gluten
Shiromiso Corn Soup (白すうぷ): Contains spinach, hiratake (mushroom), corn and onion (Western style)

Komechu's instant miso soups acquired Good Design Award in 2013.
Yuzu Miso Yōkan (柚味噌羊羹)
Yōkan, or sweet bean jelly, is one of Japanese favourite desserts. We offer yōkan with the taste of our Specially Made Shiromiso and yuzu citrus.
Nasu Moromi

Moromi is an older type of miso, which is often eaten with rice or vegetable stick. Our Nasu Moromi is a half-prepared product containing egg plant, cucumber, red pepper etc.
Komechu Miso Brewery
1-8-12 Edobori, Nishi Ward, Osaka 550-0002
(Near subway Higobashi Station)
Website (online shop): https://www.komechu.jp/
(currently in Japanese only)


米忠味噌本店 〒550-0002 大阪市西区江戸堀 1-8-12 営業時間:9:30~18:00 定休日:土・日・祝日 TEL06-6441-2266 FAX06-6441-0965

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